CCTV & home Security Systems

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CCTV and home Security Systems 

SNS is one of the leading CCTV & Security installation company servicing Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. 

For quality CCTV and Home Security Systems installation in Melbourne and suburbs, SNS is your leading supplier.

We offer a high quality service for those discerning customers who expect an appropriate installation by an established local business.

We are able to offer a wide variety of services, with our CCTV install being a popular choice for the security conscious home owner. Many families around Melbourne have trusted us to install their system and rely on SNS to install the latest technology and products.

We have several choices and the pricing depends on what you choose for certain things, such as how many cameras you wish to include, how large your home is, how much labour is involved and what parts we have to order in to complete the job.

Do I need a CCTV setup at my house?

Having a CCTV set up at your place gives you extra security knowing who is coming onto your property. This is particularly handy if you are away from home and want to see who is entering the premises. We can install cameras at key areas so we can cover the areas that are most likely to be weak points.

Melbourne has a reasonably high crime rate so taking extra precautions is prudent.