Electrical safety inspection reports

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Electrical Safety Inspection Reports

SNS Electrical can provide detailed electrical safety inspection reports of each inspection if required.
These reports are digitally filed and tracked on the online database.

Each report includes the following:

  • Inspection summary: Details of who carried out the inspection.
  • Inspection details: This is a list of specific areas on the property that were tested.
  • The scope of works: A summary of the observations that were made upon inspection.
  • Results from testing: This is a detailed report of the findings from the investigation. These finding outline the specific equipment and areas on the property that have electrical faults and require further repairs.
  • Repairs to be carried out: Recommendations for further repairs.

The reports also include photographic evidence of the investigation findings. At SNS Electrical, we believe it’s necessary that every effort is made to put together a thorough and detailed report of the relevant damages before proceeding with repairs.

Comprehensive reports for all applications.

For the most comprehensive safety report in Melbourne, SNS is your first choice. We provide photographs to ensure you have the best picture of the situation. We are equipped to handle all safety electric situations.

Insurance Work

We cover all types of electrical insurance work in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. We are able to attend promptly, diagnose and fix the problem so you can return to normal. To see if we are able to service you, please drop us a line.