Home Alarm Systems


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Home Alarm Systems

For quality CCTV and security system installations in Melbourne and suburbs, SNS is your leading supplier.

Installing an alarm system on your property can guarantee safe and effective protection from break-ins.

The security and alarm industry have developed advanced and intricate systems that can improve your personal protection and the protection of your property. With the current technology, we can customise your alarm system according to the specific requirements of your property, whether it be your home or office space.

We can work with your premises no matter what the size or design. We can also design and install systems into new builds so if you are considering installing a home alarm system in your brand new home, we can accommodate you. We offer CCTV as well as home security systems as well as home alarms. Contact us to discuss your needs and we can design, supply and install your home alarm system. We also offer maintenance to ensure that your equipment is in good working order to provide the best protection from break ins.


SNS Electrical can install the following alarm systems:

  • Motion Sensor: This will activate a sound alarm after it detects unwanted movement on your property. Motion sensors are mostly wireless and easy to install.
  • Sensors on doors and windows: These sensors are magnetic switches that, when activated, detect the opening of a door or window. If the sensor detects a break-in, it immediately notifies the security company through a signal.
  • Panic button: This will allow you to activate an alarm if you find an intruder on your property. This system comes with a special code that you can enter if the intruder makes you turn the alarm off. By entering this code, the authorities will be alerted of your situation.
  • Sound sensors: This device can detect suspicious sounds, like the sound of a window or door breaking open. Sound sensors function best in a setting that is not usually too loud, where any unusual sound would indicate suspicious activity.
  • Leaks and flooding protection: This includes smoke, water or gas detectors. When activated, these systems stop the power and contact the required technician to attend to the situation. The gas detectors activate when they record a concentration of energy between 10% and 15% at the location.


SNS Electrical can help you protect your family, home and other valuable assets by installing the perfect security system. Contact us today for a quote or more information about our services.