Insurance electrical services

SNS Electrical delivers insurance-based services across the Greater Melbourne area. These services include Make Safes, disconnecting and reconnecting electrical systems, and performing full inspections with detailed reports. Our 24/7 staff are available to accommodate our clients, while our qualified technicians are always ready to attend to emergencies on location.

If you need electrical work done in the Melbourne area as a result of an insurance claim, we are able to complete the work to the satisfaction of you and your insurance company. Whether you have had a flood or other disaster at home or in your business, we can do the job quickly and have you back to normal as soon as possible.

 Sometimes weather can take out power poles or destroy parts of your home or commercial dwelling. We are able to assist you if this happens. Our insurance work is high quality and we have a reputation as a reliable and professional electrical services provider. 

Exceptional Service

We are well known for exceptional service. Read our reviews to find out why our previous customers were happy with our service.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We cover a large area of the Melbourne city area and surrounding suburbs. If you are worried about whether we service your area, please drop us a line.